The Dirty Dog - Shop Policies

The Dirty Dog would like to bring to your attention some very important shop policies we have instituted. These policies are for both our protection, and your animals. Please take the time to review these PRIOR to bringing your animal to our shop.

  • When scheduling your pets appointment please choose a day and time that you will be able to make. We do require 24 hours notice on all changed appointments. Otherwise, if you do not show up or give the required notice and we are not able to fill your slot on short notice we will charge a fee of $10.00 per pet. This is necessary to be fair to the groomers and other clients that may have really needed that time slot and were turned away.
  • Payment is expected at the time of service. We do not bill. At this time we accept payment in the forms of cash, debit or credit cards.
  • Any prices you may be quoted by phone are estimates! There are things that can affect a pets price such as coat condition and animal temperament. A pet that is groomed on a regular basis as every 4 to 8 weeks would not normally require the amount of time that one groomed 2,3 or 4 times a year would. Coats that have become matted take additional time to deal with, whether that involves combing out or shaving down. Double coated dogs have various amounts of undercoat to be dealt with
  • A word about puppies. Yes it's true they are smaller but that doesn't mean they are less work. In reality puppies take a lot more time to groom than an average adult dog. We take a lot of time and patience with the young ones getting them used to the grooming process. It can be quiet scary for your little one with all the new noises and experiences. The extra time taken now will make them happy groomed pets in the future.
  • No tranquilizers are ever used at this shop. If you have a pet that requires sedation you must check with your vet about the proper procedure necessary. In most cases your vet may prescribe a pill for you to give to your pet an hour before coming in.
  • If you own an aggressive animal you can expect to pay more for it's grooming. Keep in mind if it has a face it can bite. The sweetest animals at home often will bite out of fear when taken away from their familiar turf. A grooming shop or a veterinarian with all the different noises can be frightening. Socializing your pet at an early age helps.
  • Your pet must be picked up by the time of closing. We charge $2 every five minutes you are late past our normal business closing hours. After 30 minutes small dogs and cats will be boarded at your expense. Large dogs will be charged a flat rate of $2 every five minutes until picked up. No exceptions. Please call if you are running late.


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